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Surgery Update


Than you so much for your prayers. The surgery went really well and I am about a 100 percent again, other than being a little tired from time to time. I wish I could say it was completely uneventful, but it wasn't. While removing my tonsils the Doctor found a low grade infection, which caused a little more bleeding, but nothing serious. I was told I may have been living with a low grad infection for a long time, so I may get even more energy back once I recover fully. Just wanted to thank everyone for praying because it was a painful recovery, especially at night. One night I woke up bleeding, which I was warned could happen, but it still freaked us out as it seemed like so much blood. After 20 miutes of gargling cold ice water it stopped bleeding. We went to the doctor to get my throat looked at and they said I looked fine, that a scab probalby just came off. Thanks again for all your prayers of healing and protection. I healed quickly and I was safe the whole time. Heidi also had a sense of peace during the surgery as she waited in the waiting room which was a blessing.

One last thing, Heidi and I will be mailing out a newsletter to everyone some times in the next month. If your address has changed or you didn't recieve a newsletter at Christmas time then we either don't have your address or wrote it down wrong at some point. Please send us your address if you haven't recieved anything for awhile. Thanks, hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to seeing you all again.

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In Christ Embrace,

Zach and Heidi Beeler

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