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If We Are the Body


Momentum Group PhotoGreetings! We recently had our annual Momentum retreat with students.  This year we went to Camp Jonah in Washington.  Momentum is a student leadership reatreat where students are encouraged to focus on their faith away from the hustle and bustle of campus life.   
This year our focus at the retreat was to help students learn about and see how God has uniquely designed each of us to have a part in the body to serve Him.  We had students fill out questionnaires before the retreat so they could learn about their giftings. As we discussed what God might be molding and shaping them for, we also had great discussions about how to even determine God's will. Many students took up the challenge of starting to depict God's call on their life. It was a thrill to hear about their passions (serving homeless, wrestling, cooking for others, teaching, track,etc.) and challenge them to see how God might use those to further His kingdom.
The Egyptian Muslim student I told you about in our last newsletter, also came on the retreat!  As we prepared to leave for the retreat, I prayed God would
give us an opportunity to share His story with her or that He might come to her in a dream as many converted Muslims have been reached by the gospel through dreams. I love how God gives us each a role in His plans, and I saw that even more clearly that weekend.  As we drove up to the retreat, we rode in two different vans. She was riding in the other van from us.  As you do on most road trips, there is a lot of time to talk.  As I was praying in the other van, she was asking about the Christian faith with our other staff member, Craig.  He shared the gospel with her!  Praise the Lord for moments He creates for seeds of understanding to be planted.  I have heard it can take anywhere from 7-12 times for some to hear Willamette Group Photothe gospel, before they are ready to respond.  I praise God for a seed being planted that day. Please pray we have more opportunities before she leaves, as she finishes school this term.  
Even though I wasn't the one who planted the seed, I know God gave me a role in the situation, to cover it in prayer. This makes us delight all the more in your role in ministry, that you are an integral part of our ministry.  You help us so much by your prayers and support. It gives us the opportunity to be another part of the body of Christ and help plant seeds and teach others about what the Lord has done.  Thank you for serving the Lord through your giving and praying.  
Speaking of the body,I bet you were wondering where the Beeler's disapeared to lately?!  We were going to send you a newsletter last month after returning from retreat, but life got crazy when Zach got tonsilitus and the flu combined!  Life took on a different pace as I (Heidi) went back and forth between getting on campus, taking care of a sick husband, and taking care of Lydia.  Zach is feeling better now, he has been seen at a specialist office and they are recommending the removal of his tonsils.  We are in the process of scheduling the surgery and praying that God would provide for the surgery. Please pray for Zach to heal quickly and that having this surgery would help improve his overall health.
In Christ Embrace,

Zach and Heidi Beeler

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