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Ministry so Far


CA retreat large group photoThe first month of the school year is about to pass us by. Everything is going by quickly and much has happened since the last newsletter. We have about 40 students involved in our ministry and more on the fringe. Three of the students have taken a step of faith and are taking on bigger roles this year as students aprentices. Basically, they are learning how to do what I and the other staff do by taking on responsibilities and finding at least one or two peers they can invest in. We have a solid student minitry team of about 10 students who are leading small areas of the ministry they are gift/interested in. Areas like prayer team, community team, worship team, new student follow up team, and a few other teams. With all this help, we are excited to see what God does this year. Keep praying for unbeleiving students we are connected with. One of the students is a Japanese exchange student who will be leaving to go back to Japan in January. He has been coming to our community building activities, which has allowed him to build relationships with myself and several students. Heidi and I hope to have him over to our place for dinner soon. Here are some exciting things that have happened so far this year:

Exciting things:
- We have a real solid freshmen guys group this year. We got a group of them together easily and are doing a Bible study weekly with them. I can't wait to see as time goes forward how much they will grow. ~ Zach
- I have been encouraged how much several of the students have grown over the summer. They have maturerd and vocally told us they want to make God a priority in their lives this year. It is really cool to see, because they weren't close to that last year. ~ Zach
- A student I met with last year has really started to pursue God more and she cleared out time in her schedule to come to Bible study and each week I meet with her she has memorized more verses! She is an encouragement.  ~ Heidi
- We just got back from our annual student fall retreat near Sisters, Oregon.  At the retreat we focused on what a life well lived in Christ looks like.  Students had CA Retreat group picturegreat questions and it was a great time of fellowship.  We are excited to see more friendships forming in the group and we feel a deepening sense of community.  
-Each of the teams we mentioned earlier are encouraged to put together an activity for our group or the campus each semester.  Pray that their unique gifts and talents would bring about intriguing, God honoring ways of reaching their peers.  

Heidi and I are still trying to figure out how to balance being on campus with having a little baby. It has been a challenge at times, but also helps us to meet more college students. The other day Heidi met with a student at the girls sorority and most of the meeting was spent with a bunch of the sorority sisters coming in and meeting Lydia!  Many of those students she had not gotten to meet yet and she is excited to develop relationships with them.  Pray there are more opportunities and that surface conversations about Lydia can eventually turn to deeper spiritual conversations.  
Lydia is doing well and is already aproaching three months old!  I can't believe how fast time is flying.  She is starting to sleep through the night which is amazing.  Her joy and interest in everything, especially trees, is so fun to watch and encourage.  

God bless,
Zachary & Heidi

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