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Importance of Small Victories


Here are some of our small victories:
- There is a guy who I have been pursuing to disciple since I started at Willamette. I met with him one on one in January to learn about him and challenge him to meet with me weekly for discipleship. His initial response was to say no, I'm not ready for the commitment yet. I will think about it though. Over the course of about three week I would check in to see where he was at and he would give me pretty close to the same answer. As of the beginning of February, I'm now meeting with him regularly. Pray for him as he pursues his relationship with Jesus Christ.  (Zach)
- I have been working to gain access to the baseball team at Willamette. Up until March I had developed a relationship with one Christian student on the team. We now meet weekly. In order to develop more relations with students I have been going to practices and games so they get used to seeing my face around and so I can say hi and have little conversation with players and coaches. The other day I got a report from the player I meet with that the baseball guys have been asking him who I am and what we are doing there. Apparently, students on the baseball team are warming up to us being there and trust is beginning to be developed with players and coaches. A small victory, but very positive as I begin to get to know more players and meet with them. (Zach)

- I have started discipling a girl in one of the sororities, Delta Gamma.  Each week we meet together at her sorority and as we meet she usually has three to five friends in the sorority come up to her and say hi.  I'm thankful she is open and willing to meet in a space where her "sisters" feel free to come see what we are doing.  She and I are working on starting a Bible study in the sorority! (Heidi)
-Craig (a fellow staff in CA) and I have been meeting with a student who initially came to college with some understanding of faith but had grown up in a family where Jesus was only one of many prophets they followed. Before Zach and I were on campus, Craig started meeting with her and I joined them as each week we would talk about all different aspects of Jesus, His life, sacrifice, and leading to the only way for true redemption of our sin.  Each week she asks great questions, almost like stepping stones toward trusting Christ.  For weeks she would say she understood in her head but wasn't ready to accept in her heart as absolute truth. She wanted a sign from God that He would show Himself.  She didn't get an awe inspiring sign or vision but God, I believe He whispered in her heart as she searched out the scriptures.  In our meeting a month ago she explained that she now trusted in Jesus as her one and only Savior and believed it in her head and her heart. Praise God!  Small victories led her to a great and mighty victory of eternal significance!  Recently she shared her testimony at a dinner.  With her permission we have the video posted on our website and below, please check it out!

Family Life

Our baby girls due date is quickly approaching, only 6 weeks left!  Her due date is July 15.  Heidi's doctor appointments are going well and the baby is even measuring a little big at this point!  We are praising God that the placenta is transferring nutrients correctly to her and that she is healthy.  Thank you so much for praying with us and please continue to pray for a healthy baby and a good delivery.  

As we prepare for her to be her we are amazed at God's provision.  As I, Heidi, have been nesting and preparing for baby I have started to get concerned about all the different aspects of what we need for her.  But God knows our needs, and it seems as I would start to worry about an item, He has provided it.  We were in need of a crib mattress and I was trying to wait until after baby showers to buy things but kept worrying that if she came early I had no place to put her.  A woman in our church asked if there were any other needs we had and I told her about the mattress.  Right away she remembered she had one that her one year old hadn't really used and that she had been meaning to ask me about that specific item!  The very next day I was talking to my sister and she had found a good deal on crib sheets and asked if I needed them, even before I said anything about the crib mattress.  With each item it is like God is whispering to my heart the verses of Matthew 6:25-34. I have been reminded over and over again that God knows our needs and is meeting them abundantly, if He feeds and cares for the birds and the flowers how much more He cares for us, His children.



Zach and Heidi Beeler

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