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Baby On The Way and Campus Happenings!!!


Zach and Heidi with bun in oven_BabyDear Ministry Supporter

We are excited to announce Heidi is pregnant!  She is due July 15.  We are looking forward to learning the gender in a few weeks and are starting to arrange a room for the baby in our apartment.  She is feeling well as she just started the second trimester and gaining more energy now.  Luckily we've heard from locals that July is when it starts getting hot in Salem, so she won't have to be too miserable in the heat.  We are so ecstatic, anticipating the joy of bringing a child into this world.  

At Willamette University, students are busy working away at spring semester. Heidi and I are busying meeting and getting to know students and staff at Willamette University. Some of the students we are meeting with are involved in our ministry, but we are also getting to know students outside the ministry, hoping for opportunities to plant seeds. On top of being full-time on campus, Heidi and I are still working on support. Thanks to a generous large gift we have moved much closer to our goal, but still have a bit to go.  Here are some highlights and difficulties we have experienced so far.

Heidi at internatial student dinnerHighlights:
1) Being able to get to know and meet with all the male students so far. Joy fills my heart when I know these student are living out there faith in an environment that is hard to do so. (Zach)
2) Enjoying meeting with girls and hearing their stories for the first time. (Heidi)
3) We had 8 students at our place for taco's and the super bowl this Sunday. We have a monthly dinner where we invite students home which we call "The Table." This is our first time hosting at our house.   (Both)
4) Starting to do discipleship with a couple girls and developing deeper relationship.(Heidi)
5) Meeting the football, basketball, and baseball coaches, along with the student athletes has brought a lot of joy for me. My love for God and joy of sports makes ministry to the sports teams fun. (Zach)
6) Getting to know the students leadership team. (Both)
7) Developing plans as staff to reach the campus. (Both)
8) Discovering opportunities for building community on campus (Heidi)
9) Talking to a couple of students who are still investigating about Christ. (Zach)
Student came over to our house for lunch and super bowl10)Being a part of a welcome dinner for the Japanese students who arrived on campus February 8. (Heidi)
11)Preparing for a child. (Both)
1) Adjusting to all of the Rain! I like rain, but it's here all of the time. I really enjoy days when the sun comes out. (Heidi)
2) Gaining energy - I am in the second trimester now, so energy has increased but I get tired much earlier in the day. (Heidi)
3) Students are driven and very busy at Willamette, which can make it hard to meet with them to develop a deep relationship quickly. (Zach)

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