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Getting Our Feet Wet!!!


Student Getting Quiet TIme with GodDear Ministry Partners,

A little over two weeks ago Heidi and I moved to Salem, Oregon. During that time we have been getting unpacked, but also developing relationships with students at Willamette University.

Trip to Mount Angel Abbey: (Heidi)
We went with a group of students up to Mount Angel Abbey on an early Saturday morning.  The abbey is just outside of Silverton, Oregon so it was less than an hour drive away for us.  Eleven students came with us and we spent most of our time there having quiet time with God.  We came back together to debrief our time at the end and many students talked about the fact that it is very counter cultural to stop, sit, and listen.  Our society seems to always be busy and the culture at Willamette University is no exception.  The university seems to encourage students to overbook/over extend themselves in coursework and getting involved in multiple clubs.  I don't know about you, but I don't know many college students that are excited about getting up early on a Saturday.  Just having this many students come and be blessed by their time away was well worth it.  It was a great break away from studying to spend time with God.  We are looking forward to doing this again next semester.  

Meeting Students and Coaches on Football Team: (Zach)
As I am always interested in sports, it was really fun for me to talk to some of the students who are on the football team. Several are committed to their relationships with Christ and trying to reach out to the rest of the team. It is not only encouraging for me to see students reaching the rest of the team, but also that the coaches are open to allowing Campus Ambassadors staff to interact with them as well.

Weekly Meeting:
We have been at several meetings so far and it is encouraging.  A student led the discussion last week and we've been talking about things like broken dreams and broken relationships.  Please pray with us that students continue to be open in these discussions and that God impacts their lives as we continue to study God's word.

Students Discussing Importance of time with GodThe Table:
Each month, for Willamette students, our fellow staff Craig Hammond and his wife Megan, host a meal for students to come to which is called The Table. We packed out the house and had many great conversations over turkey and mashed potatoes (This month was Thanksgiving themed).  As students started leaving we headed out too because our apartment opened up that same day! Several staff in the area and a student helped us pack our things in.  Thank you! We are so thankful for the time we were able to stay with some friends here in Salem to get started on campus, but it was also nice to start getting settled in.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you are all getting to enjoy time with your loved ones.

God bless,

Zachary & Heidi Beeler

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