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Changed Life


Willamette University: Bear CatsWillamette Student

Here is a story one of our campus staff, Craig Hammond, recently shared with us about a student from Willamette:

God is always working to accomplish His purpose for our lives. Last November, Craig received news one of the guys on the football team had been arrested for murder. The whole campus was shaken by this news, as the young man, Beau, was considered one of the "good guys" on the team. Many of the guys who  are a part of the football small group Bible study were good friends with him and so they began to pray that God would use this horrible situation to bring about good.

As Beau awaits trial, Craig has been able to visit Beau in jail. The first time they met, Beau showed little interest in spiritual things. The second time he came to visit, Beau was ready to talk. He asked a lot of question and the conversation went all over the place as Beau wrestled with his beliefs about the world and the existence of God. Leaving, he encouraged Beau to read scripture. They met a third time and Beau shared how reading an apologetics book by Josh McDowell had really convinced him that Jesus really is God and had asked Jesus to be Hs Lord and Savior. Since then, it's been amazing watching God transform his life and to see how the Lord is using his story to impact many others. Praise God! Even in bad circumstances God is accomplishing His purposes.

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