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Momentum Student Leadership


Camp Arrah WannaDear Ministry Partners,

On February 6-8 we had a blast serving with other Campus Ambassador staff in the Pacific North West at out annual Momentum retreat (Student Leadership retreat.) As some of you may remember in the newsletter Zach sent last year around this time, the purpose of this retreat is to equip students who are ready to take their next faith step in living an active faith (2 Timothy 2:2). The theme of Momentum this year was to know, live and share God's story. In a weekend we connected dots for students from Genesis to Revelation in such a way that is easily shareable. Our hopes in planning/creating the events was to lay the frame work of the Bible solidly so they can easily build off of it in conversation to share the gospel. We had times during the weekend for students to practice one on one and in groups how to share each part of the story. We pray they bring the story with them and share God's love and care for His people with their friends, roommates, and family.
Jar of SandWe had an activity at the end of one of the talks for each person to add sand to one large jar. You must be thinking - what does that have to do with anything? The sand was a representation of each of us as we are a part of the covenant that God made with Abraham. As we each poured a little sand in the jar at a time we remembered we are a part of His descendants as followers of Christ, as the church. "For You said,'I will surely prosper you and make your descendants as the sand of the sea, which is too great to be numbered." (Genesis 32:12)
Students placing CrossOne of the nights as we talked of Jesus death and resurrection, students were invited to lay their sins on the cross. They did this by writing on a small piece of paper and placing it on one of the small nails on the cross. The cross became full of papers. As the last students laid their sins on the cross, we gazed upon it remembering what He bore for us. Then the students watched as we lit the bottom paper and the rest went up in a flash (we used a special thin paper that was smokeless and ashless). All that was left was the untarnished cross, the sins gone. This was a very powerful, impactful moment for students to see a representation of our sins being wiped clean.
As we neared the end of the retreat, students were asked if they had ever heard the story all together like this before and at least 10 students had not (within that were several non believers.) We praise God that Zach and I could be a part of students gaining a greater understanding for the gospel and how and why it happened. We pray they will take this back to campus and be a light for Christ to those around them. We also heard from several students about what impacted them at retreat. Here is what some of the students said:

"We need to know the Bible and be able to express God's word in a variety of ways and at different speeds to others." - Ben T. H.

"God's teaching me to take responsibility, to not rebel, and to grow closer to people. Three days clean of sin and I'm taking baby steps towards the light and God's really teaching me." - Andy S.

"God is faithful, even when we are the worst of the worst. If you look at the whole Bible,(He's) always faithful." -Ben D. H.

Student ActivityIn Christ,

Zach and Heidi

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