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God's Providence


Zach and HeidiIn life, God gives us opportunities to shine His light in the crevices into people's hearts.  It may be risky or discouraging sometimes to share but we all have the need inside of us for a loving God.  One of the main risk factors for American's to share the gospel is wanting acceptance, but in places like Saudi Arabia the risk is the difference between life and death. People lay down their life for Christ to live eternally with Him. Yet ultimately people are also choosing death each day as they ignore God.  When I'm on a campus, many times I look out at the crowd of students in the commons and wonder how many know of His love?  How many will I see in heaven?  God knows, and He leads us to the conversations to share His love.

In preparing for our next steps to Salem, Oregon, Zach and I have gotten to meet with some of you and hope to meet with all of you in the next months.  We are encouraged by you in the conversations we have had and press on to getting to be on campus sharing His light. 

In this process off campus we are seeing His providence daily as He provides and prepares us for the future.  We look forward to sharing stories with you on the blog as well as prayer requests.  Speaking of prayer requests, Campus Ambassadors in the North West is having a student leadership retreat called Momentum, it is from February 6-8.  Zach and I are on the planning committee for the retreat.  Please be praying that as we show students how to see the gospel in God's story woven through the whole Bible, they would have clear understanding, that they would come out of the retreat with three people to share the gospel with, and that more would be brought to God's kingdom as a result.     

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Keep checking back to see what updates in our lives on the website. We are looking forward to continuing to develop deeper relationships with all of you as we, together, bring the gospel to the world.

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